Twenty years & things

So the last months I've been writing a list. A list with twenty things that I've learned before I turned twenty. I'm proud of this list because I wrote it myself with no help from the internet. This list is from my heart and completely honest. Some of the things are probably cliché but some of them have a deeper meaning. Here it comes;
During these 20 years of my life, I've learned that ....
... If you want to put in some extra time on your make up or eyebrows - do it. For real. Do it. & fix your nails if you want to. Haha, I know I've done it a few times & some think it's just a waste of money but honestly - pamper yourself! Take care of yourself but don't be shallow. 
... Everything is possible if you want it to be. Maybe not in the ideal way but in one way or another.
... Truth will set you free. In so many ways.
... Buy what you want. Don't care what other people say or think about what you want to buy. Regardless if it's a skirt, a bag or just a huge french frie - do it. 
... No matter how people treat you - treat them right. Always be nice.
... Forgive, always. Unforgivness will only push you down. You're the only one that will suffer. 
...  Most of the time everything will make sence and come together if you change your perspective. 
... Ask for help if you need it. I don't get it why so many of us are afraid of asking for help. Like it makes us weaker? Remember when we were kids and always asked for help? That was how we learned. 
... Sometimes you'll feel better without the people you never thought you could live without. 
... Stick to your dreams and goals. Don't listen to what people say about your dream if they don't understand it. Never. Ever. Period. Almost no one will truly get them, but they don't have to - it's not for them.
... Always be yourself! It will either make it or brake it. Don't adjust. You'll find your place. You get more affected by the people around you than you think. Which makes it harder for you to be who you really are. So be with real friends that affect you in a positive way and who let you be who you are without any conditions.
... Do whatever that makes you happy - it's your life!
... God knows everything so give Him the control.
... Dare to be passionate about big and small things. Life becomes more eventful.
... You will take the wrong way many times but there's always a way back. & when you've realized that you're on the wrong way - you're already halfway back.
... It's always worth it to stand up for your thoughts and believes. No matter what it's about. People won't always get it but you will grow as an individual.
... Always be keen to learn something new and never think that you are done. 
... Live. In. The. Now. Don't think too much about what lies ahead because if you do you'll loose the opportunity to note the present and you'll miss being able to live fully, to be present in everything and then realize how extreamly blessed you are.
... Be thankful - always. You'll feel better and you'll make people around you feel better.
... Take time to get to know people & make everything you can to keep the contact. You can always learn from others and life gets richer. See them for who they are and not who you want them to be. Relationships in every form is so powerful and beautiful. So cherish it!
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längtan efter varmare tider

Lite sånna här kläder önskar jag att jag hade i min garderob inför sommaren. Stilen i dessa bilder är så blandat och inte alls någon tydlig röd tråd men jag känner att jag vill ha blandat, haha. Jag vill kunna gå i kimono och höga shorts samt att jag vill kunna gå, kanske dagen efter, i någon snygg tight kjol och snygga klackar till. Eller bara ett par jeans shorts med en tunn skjorta. Lite fri, lite bohemisk men samtidigt inte överdriven.
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Grant my last request

Den här dagen har varit bra. Ganska mycket bra. Den har varit varm och solig på det där sättet att man bara vet att det är vår för även fåglarna kvittrar och man har för första gången i år sett knoppar börja slå ut. Dagen har även varit fylld med fantastisk mat & kaffe. Även samtal som fyller hjärtat lite extra mycket på ett vis man inte riktigt förstår. Klockan är även snart nio och jag fryser inte utomhus. 

Detta ville jag dela med mig för att vissa dagar är sådär alldeles bra & de ska man notera och komma ihåg. För det är ännu ett bevis på att träsk går att ta sig igenom man måste bara ha blicken rätt och styrkan att lyfta på benen. Dessa dagar ska man tänka på när det är jobbigt. Inte för att må ännu sämre utan för att veta att du kan inte veta vad ljus är om du inte vet vad mörker är. 
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