feeling the same without saying

this - this is what i need. 
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all through the night

I have learnt that we all carry our own pain. We all have our own. It takes so much of us and it affects us and all that we sometimes can see is our selves and our journey and what we are going through because we are just trying to get through. 
I hate pain. I hate it so much. All it does is damage. It gives you hard times to breathe and see. It makes you feel week at first and it makes you tired.
We all carry our own pain. And it is so easy to not see anyone else´s because our own takes too much of us.
Pain sucks. It makes you loose words to express how you´re really feeling. It takes all the energy so you have non left to try to describe it.
We carry it. Everyone of us has our own pain.
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