one year ago

You're always going to say goodbye to something. Nothing will ever stay the same. Times change. Seasons change. Everything changes eventually. & you've just been a part of it. Every aspect & part of your life you've shared with others in their journey. You've been parallel with them. There & then. But the journey continues for everyone so everything eventually changes. It will never be the same as it once was. One day you will have to say goodbye. Because it was time for something new. Maybe you didn't want to or maybe you wanted it but never expected it to hurt this much when time came. Why does it hurt? We've opened up our hearts to where we are & where we've been. But I guess everything in life goes on & one day or another we will all have to say goodbye. And start over. Start new. Not thinking about when we would have to say goodbye again because then we wouldn't start building on what we would say goodbye to. Things are often just for a time, for an era, an epoch. Therefore it's a privilege in sharing where we are right now with each other because it was not certain that we would. 
written 10th of October 2016. 
It is so interesting to read old notes that I've been writing and espacially finding notes from almost exactly a year ago. And I don't really know how to deal with the fact that I'm still thinking the same way today. Probably not the exact same way because now I have different experiences than back then but my mind wanders similar paths and I don't know if that's positive or not... Still the same things beating in my heart and it's still the same things that my mind goes to on it's journey. 
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