2017. What a year. 

It has been a year where I grew up. I felt it pretty early on but I knew that this year would mark the year as the one when I felt adult. 
I have done a lot and so much has happened.

I have learnt that forgiveness is key. I’ve fallen more deeply in love with God than ever before. 

God stands forever and ever. His character is faithfulness. 
And I’ve learnt to always run with him. Life with God is a journey and I’ve learnt to never feel condemned for the flaws I have and the wrongs that I do but to turn my eyes up on him and keep moving forward. I have learnt that the healing of your heart is important and you can’t ignore the process. Let it take the time it needs but remember to always throw yourself and the hurt on God because he will and wants to carry you. 

I have learnt that hard work pays off. I have learnt that your body will eventually shut down if you don’t listen to what it needs and take care of it. I have learnt that you shouldn’t just take care of your body just because but because it’s a gift from God and I need to steward it. 
I have learnt to always have joy. No matter what. I have learnt to look at the chaos and smile because then it will loose its power. 

I have learnt the importance of enjoying life. To not hold anything against anyone and to always in every situation focus on God. 

It’s been a year of growth and my quote for the year was "where you movin? I said, unto better things" and it’s definitely been a year of moving. I moved out on my own and I’ve been moving out of old habits and thoughts. I’ve been moving on from hurt and I’ve been healed. Ive been thrown into responsibilities and I’ve concurred them all. 

This year I’ve let my self enjoy the journey and everything that has been in it. Good and bad. Because through it all I’ve grown. 

// 2017. What a year. It has been a lot of traveling and falling in love. In love with my creator. 
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